Utah Scenic Arts

Utah Scenic Arts is the creative outlet of part-time photographer, David Holcomb of Orem, UT.

David began his photography hobby back in the 'olden days' of film with a Canon FT QL 35mm camera. At the time, he was a photographer for his high school newspaper and had learned film developing and printing. He also learned about buying film in bulk and, teaming up with a couple of friends, was able to start a garage darkroom with some low-cost supplies and used equipment. David's hobby had now turned into a part-time occupation, taking team photographs for local Little League Baseball teams. After high school, his hobby took a back seat to the University of California at Los Angeles where he was earning a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

After college, his hobby would reawaken from time to time, but the lack of a darkroom made it more expensive to have film processed in commercials labs. And control of the process was given up to others. So, photography was relegated to the back burner for the next few years.

In 1981, David moved from Southern California to Utah to work at the burgeoning Novell Data Systems (former name of the current Novell, Inc. company). Here in Utah, he witnessed first-hand, the wonders of the landscapes that are Utah. Photography awakened once again. Still, film, processing and printing were an expensive undertaking where a single outing could eat up a half-dozen rolls of film (or more!). Then there was the old 'battle' of finding a lab that could do better than the 'drugstore processing' we've all seen. What to do: continue photography and get so-so results from the film processors or let photography languish again?

Fast-forward to the late 1990's where a new invention came on to the scene: digital photography! The results are instant (a dream only partially realized with a Polaroid camera), "film is free" (you can re-use memory cards), and feedback on one's technique (composition, lighting, focus) enables rapid improvement. Moreover, image processing software makes it possible for the photographer to have a "dim room" instead of a darkroom, just by turning on a computer. The smells and mess of a wet darkroom are now a fond memory. Once again, the photographer has control over every aspect of his images: from capture to printing. So today, using Nikon cameras and lenses and state-of-the-art image processing tools, Utah Scenic Arts has become the outlet for David's creative efforts.

Thank you for your interest in my photography. These images are available for purchase. Feel free to contact me (see the Contact page).